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Alucraft Systems manufacture from two of the five Group fabrication plants, offering up to 10,0000 hours of capacity and over 45,0000 hours Group capacity.
Our new Manufacturing Centre of Excellence, based in Waterlands, South Yorkshire, covers 3,000m2 and specialises in unitised façade. We currently have three Emmegi Twin Electra Sun High-Speed Circular Saws for cutting various aluminium profiles up to 6.5m in length for windows and curtain walling frames. These bars can then be drilled and milled by our two Emmegi Diamant CNC machines to the exact system and customer requirements before assembly.

However, nearly 70% of our machine bars are produced by our Elumatec SBZ 628 Machining Centre. This single machine replaces the need to use the saws and multiple passes on the CNC machines. We were the first facade fabricator in the UK to purchase our SBZ 628 CNC. The facility increased our operational capacity, allowing us to deliver more extensive and complex projects.

Our facilities allow us to continue to be the owners of the work we deliver on-site, reducing the unnecessary risk and potential delay of using third parties.

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